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An annuity written by Vintage Agency will put you on the right track for retirement. If you are 45 or older, and guaranteed income is part of your retirement plan, then let our retirement expert assist you in reaching your retirement goals.

Whether you prefer a “fixed, variable, immediate or deferred annuity, we will show you which plan works best for you.

Remember, you may already have money sitting in a CD, money market account, or IRA that has not performed as expected. Let us help you “find”

the money and get you closer to your retirement.

529 Plans

If you are thinking about how and where to invest for your children’s, or grandchildren’s college tuition, a 529 plan might be the answer. Periodic, systematic, or lump-sum deposits, deferred growth, possible favorable tax treatment, and tax free money for college costs are some of the benefits a 529 plan can offer. Naturally, certain limitations apply, so let us at Vintage Agency show you if this is a good fit for you.

Mutual Funds

If stocks aren’t your cup of tea, and CD’s don’t do it for you either, maybe you should consider mutual funds. With so many funds to choose from, our “Asset Allocation” questionnaire may help you narrow down the field and help you to choose fund that are suited to your goals, time frame and risk tolerance.

Of course, with mutual funds, there are no guarantees, and past performance is no indication of future results, but if you have thought about mutual funds as part of your savings or investment portfolio, let

us at Vintage Agency get you started.